Roadmap - Nitro League
NITRONitro League
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Nitro League Roadmap

Nitro League officially entered the public realm with their token launch $NITRO, in December 2021. But long before that, there was a plan and a vision. We wanted to build metaverse-ready NFTs that could solve the main problems within NFT markets today: lack of liquidity, lack of utility, and centralization.

That vision has expanded stratospherically since then.


Garage V 1.1


With Garage V1.1 users can view their cars in the Car Pod, showcase up to 6 cars in your personalised space - walk around the Garage and share pictures, earn daily rewardsand more.


Land Sale

Land Sales in Nitro League will come Late Q3. Owning land on Nitro Prime will be revenue-generating business. Anyone can become a ‘ Metapreneur’ in Nitro League. A portion of the revenue generated from racing on the island is split between the landowners of that island. The more land area you own, the more revenue you earn per race.

Nitro Arcade V1.1


A 'Motorsports management game' with computer-simulated races (not skill-based) provides a great opportunity for players to focus on car customizations according to the track, environment, and weather conditions at a racing event. A simulated racing experience right from the garage where you can WATCH the performance of your creations without having to drive..

Metaverse 3D Experience

The 3D Metaverse Experience will be centered around a central ‘HUB’. Users will enter the game in an Arrival Lounge, and be shown a visual introduction of the island they’re in- this will provide a Hyper Realistic VR experience. This area can be used by brands, guilds and land owners to showcase their products and experiences.


Avatars Builder

In Nitro League you will be represented by an Avatar. Each Avatar is custom built using the Avatar Builder. You can design your dream Metaverse self. Select from; multiple skins, clothing brands, assets.

Practice Track


Nitro League Car owners can drive their cars on a practice track to discover the 3D experience before we launch our 3D game.

Buildings sale


Players can purchase prefab (and then modular) buildings and structures to personalize their land. Small plots can accommodate houses, hangout sheds, and spas, large spaces can accommodate apartment buildings, resorts, office spaces, Guilds can own landmarks–Land closer to famous landmarks will have a higher value.

Buildings Experience

Once Building Sales are complete, we will roll out 'Building Experiences'. These experiences allow users to fully customize and create immersive experiences within each building. This includes; interior design, branding, VR experiences etc.

Nitro Arcade V1.2

An update to the Simulation Racing Game - details to be confirmed.


3D Racing V1


In Q1 2023, Nitro League Simulation Racing will shift to 3D. Players will see the cars on a 3d track, be able to follow any car (including their own) using the car cams and be able record, and share their race.

Production Factories


Production factories will truly decentralize the game by letting players create their own world. Factories will be owned by players (or guilds) to produce their own NFT assets (cars, props, land, properties).