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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Nitro League, an immersive racing world, is the ultimate combination of GameFi, DeFi, and NFT. Built on a robust virtual economy, Nitro League is a dynamic hub for collectors, investors, and artists.
Nitro League facilitates ownership, customization, collection, and trade for unique NFT cars and parts. Players may hone their racing skills and earn rewards for their performance. Anyone can fulfill their dream of becoming a racer in the Nitro League.

The team at Nitro League has been creating games for decades and aims to launch the first-ever high-quality and sustainable NFT racing game in the market. Their vision is to leverage the true power of blockchain technology by making every aspect of the game decentralized, in this way allowing the community to take the lead in the game.

To start and download Nitro league visit the following link
Once you download the game you will be able to play it.
  • There is no KYC requirement
  • The game is designed for users of all ranges - a $30 smartphone will experience the same visuals as a $1,000 phone.
  • There will be a free-to-earn component
  • You can play without a token
  • The token will also be on DEX, a fully regulated global virtual asset trading and custody platform

Genesis cars are the first batch of NFT cars released by Nitro League. Genesis car holders will get special benefits starting with early access to the game's beta version, as well as access to the premium loot box rewards.

You can connect with us on our social media links: https://linktr.ee/nitroleague

Anyone will be able to play the games, there is no KYC requirement or token required to play. We are mass market-focused, we want everyone playing NITRO.

This is why we have a AAA game company with over 500m downloads as a partner, a AAA blockchain team, and great commercial games people. We have blended the best of all worlds, we completely recognize that.

The team has been really hustling, getting the IDO launched and the game ready for release in a very short span of time - we couldn't be doing it all without such a stellar team. Released 3D NFT cars, along with a garage gameplay where you could showcase your NFTs. We will also be launching the Nitro Arcade 2D game soon. We also have the 3D skilled racing planned for release early next year.


Following are the types of racing events in the game
  1. Practice events
  2. Daily events
  3. Weekly tournaments (coming soon)
  4. Season championships
  5. Head-to-head (coming soon)

Players will compete in events to see who is ultimately the best driver in the metaverse. Players must own a premium NFT car to enter events, and their performance in races will determine their ranking on the event leaderboard, yielding prizes. Weekly tournaments will be held, and top players are assigned a higher rank badge based on their skill.

Every event has its own eligibility criteria. Any player who fulfills the criteria may join the event. Criterias may include fuel, rarity or class of car, player’s XP or RP level, car or driver upgrades, etc.

A car's value can be gauged by its attributes and rarity. Cars that are common are cheaper to buy and can participate in lower rarity races (with less rewards); whereas, rare cars are produced in lesser numbers, are more expensive, and can participate in higher rarity races (with amazing rewards). Some cars also perform better on certain tracks and weather conditions, so make sure to check out race conditions when choosing your cars, drivers, or upgrades.

Players can fuse their unwanted NFT cars to clone a new car of higher rarity and attributes. Requirements to clone a car through Fusion cloning include 2-4 cars, blueprints, credits, a cloning pod, and Nitro tokens.

The garage is a very high-tech and futuristic, laboratory-type personal space. It has robotic machinery and digital controls all over. Players will spend most of the time in their garage, which will feature mini-games, car upgrades, stores, social activities, notifications, asset showcases, and much more.

In order to improve a car, one must use power ups or upgrades. Power ups are consumable items that can be won in races and can also be purchased from the in-game shop using credits. Upgrades are NFT items (car parts, drivers, driver accessories, and pit pals) that give attribute bonuses when equipped for the race.

We will be providing information regarding car parts, drivers, and driver accessories which will help you decide which items to equip for what type of track and weather conditions.

Nitro League NFTs are available on the Virtua marketplace (https://terravirtua.io/marketplace),
and OpenSea marketplace (https://testnets.opensea.io/collection/performance-essentials ).

A player can build (craft) more cars by collecting blueprints, credits, and other in-game resources, which can be earned by winning racing events.

There are 2 types of items in the game. Some in-game items are not NFTs and can be purchased from the in-game shop using credits (e.g. power ups, fuel, energy, etc.) There are also NFT items (like cars, drivers, upgrades, decorations, etc.) that can be crafted or purchased from secondary market places.

The free car is provided to facilitate the free-to-play game mode. It is not an NFT and a player can not sell the free car.

A player can use in-game items by simply going to the inventory. In order to use NFT items, the item needs to be in the player’s wallet and it will be available in the player’s in-game inventory. Some items can be claimed through the Claims portal.

In order to be whitelisted a player can be an early adapter. A player who is performing well may also be whitelisted. A player can also be whitelisted by taking part in marketing activities (social media, beta testing, legions, etc.)

Once a player accepts the whitelist invite and has provided the required information , they must log onto the claims portal. From there a player can claim the item they whitelisted for.

Other than cars, Nitro League will be releasing a number of other NFT’s, such as car parts, blueprints, garage (property), teams, clans, tracks, shops, factories, and much, much more.

Players can display any Nitro League NFTs in the garage as long as they exist in the player's wallet. Nitro league has also collaborated with partners to enable their NFTs to be showcased in the garage.

A player can customize their cars and drivers from the comfort of their garage.

There are 2 types of customizations available in the game: Performance upgrades and Car decorations. Performance upgrades will enhance the car's performance, increasing the chance to win more races. Car decorations will give the car a visual upgrade. Decorations will not affect the cars performance during a race.


Credit is the in-game currency which is primarily used for purchasing in-game items and crafting NFT cars and upgrades. It is an off-chain currency and is not transferable between players.

Nitro is the governance token for the Nitro League game and is finite. Nitro token is rewarded in the game as race rewards, and can be traded outside the game. It is primarily used for car fusion, battle pass, and crafting NFT items (cars, drivers, upgrades, props, etc.)

Every car is a Non Fungible Token. It is an asset minted on the blockchain. A player can use it in the game as well as own it independently.

A Blueprint is the "recipe" which tells the player what he needs to build (craft) or clone (breed) a specific car or other NFT assets (driver, accessories, decorations, splash screens, etc). Blueprints are distributed as gameplay rewards, and cannot be purchased from the shop. Blueprints will be tradable among players in future releases.

Community & Support

You can connect with Nitro League community members through our social media platforms:https://linktr.ee/nitroleague

All artwork is being created by the talented team at Hotwire Studios.

A user can connect with us using the ingame contact us feature or by sending an email at